Molds design and supply

Our company offers design and delivery of molds.

Ordering molds in our company – it means to make a choice in favor of quality. We always suggest to put quality on the first place choosing any type of equipment or services.

During years we have tried at our factory a huge number of molds. And believe us we know what we’re talking about.

Really quality mold is:

1) this is first of all talented engineering, optimal design and quality components;

2) quality mold has optimal size and weight, it can be placed on a more economical injection molding machines that gives the lowest cost of products;

3) base plates, core&cavity, sliders, pushers an other parts of mold made of high-quality grades of steel with suitable hardness and processing;

4) quality mold provides molded item of excellent quality with minimum injection cycle;

5) quality mold provides most productivity, allows quickly enter the working regime, reduce scrap and downtime;

6) lifetime of quality mold is longer, mold is more maintainable because of used universal and known components;

7) quality mold is profitable because of high productivity and low downtime / scrap.  Investments comes back quicker and terminal value is much more bigger.

Why we? 

We cooperate with Chinese and European mold makers and they manufacture for us and our Customers  molds of excellent quality. By the way most of the molds used many years at our factory made by these two mold makers. Our customers can always come to our factory and watch these molds in real work.

One of our suppliers located in Europe. This is a family business with a rich 30-years history. It is an innovative company with excellent Engineering Department. They apply modern and progressive technologies.

In the world of mold makers this is the premium mold maker. But the price is appropriate.

Another supplier located in China. This company also produces a reliable and time-tested mold. Due to mass orders this mold maker offers very competitive prices. Here, you will not receive “a pig in a poke”.

The advantages of this mold maker are: speed of production, stable quality and low price. Well, at least as low price as it can be set on reliable molds.

When we make a commercial offer to our customers we usually send quotations from both mold makers. Prices and conditions are usually listed by mold makers from their factories. Customer himself define criteria which one fits for his goals. We only consult and make recommendations.

Our customers can order molds through our company or may contact directly with mentioned mold makers. In first case we provide all documentary work, shipping, customs clearance and perform free test moulds at our plant.

Quality molds allow to obtain a product with ideal characteristics and minimum downtime and scrap. Such parameters of the future product as the injection cycle time, moulded parts weight, required IMM, geometry and appearance – are the basis for competitive advantage. All these parameters are reflected in the cost of the product and the sales price.

Competition nowadays is so fierce that its time to remember the famous saying that goes: “We are not so rich to buy cheap things.” We really hope that your professional experience tells you the same idea. 

During last 15 years we supplied hundreds of molds of various modifications. For nearly all industries: packaging, construction, automotive, home goods, electronics and appliances, and for other purposes.

Often further exploitation of molds occurs at our factory. This is another important argument why we are interested in the best quality of molds. And we always carefully monitor the quality of the mold manufacturing. 

Our goal is to provide to our customers molds of high quality at affordable price. Each mold designed and manufactured by our partners is a combination of high professionalism and art. We guarantee high quality of our molds. 

To receive our commercial offer for the production of molds, we will require from You:

  1. 3D model of the product and its characteristics (dimensions, weight) that will be moulded in the future mold;
  2. Original polymer or polymer composition plan to be used for injection in this mold;
  3. Number of cavities;
  4. Type of gate system: hot runner or cold runner;
  5. Required lifetime;
  6. Other information you consider to tell us about requirements.