About us

Our company provides Custom Injection Molding Services since 2001.

Our production workshop is operated by competent technicians with many years of experience. We have a modern park of injection molding machines, grinders, pelletizers, dryers and other necessary equipment.

Due to the convenient location of our plant and low costs we offer very cpmpetetive prices, high quality of finished products and fast delivery to all our customers.

Our park of injection molding machines:

IMMThe distance between columns, mmInjection volume, cm3Clamping force, tons
Cosmo1250 х 125090001250
Engel900 х 9004500800
Krupp820 x 8201500600
Demak650 x 6501000500
LG650 x 650500300
LG650 x 650500300
Supermaster600 х 600500250
Haitian550 х 550500250
Nur-maс430 х 430400250
Supermaster510 х 510500190
Supermaster460 х 460400160
Supermaster410 х 410250135
Demag360 х 36020085
Nur-maс400 х 35015080
Demak320 х 32018060
Demak370 х 370350175
Demak650 х 6501000500

Storage and maintenance of molds

Our company carries out a careful and proper storage of molds of our customers. At any time Customers can visit our facility and to assess the conditions of the storage.

We will ensure proper maintenance of molds according to GOST 27358-87.

хранение пресс-форм

For each mold we keep detailed records on the results of maintenance, inspection and scheduled repairs.